The Equine & Country Stock Library

Working closely with so many small businesses, I have noticed that many rural entrepreneurs struggle to create enough content to sustain a consistent social media presence, or to fill their website and marketing literature with beautiful images.

Many stock images are taken by photographers who know nothing about horses or a country lifestyle and finding the right images to represent your equine or rural business in it's best light, can be a challenge.

With over nine years of experience, photographing in the equine and country industry,

I had THOUSANDS of images gathering dust on hard-drives. And I've finally decided to put them to good use.

Aswell as my own images, I have teamed up with some other incredible country and equine photographers, to bring you an even wider choice of beautiful photographers. Scroll down to meet the contributors.

I'd love these niche specific images to help you grow your business and build a beautiful brand.

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Warranty and Liability:

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Meet the Photographers

The images you see in the stock gallery are a collection of works from a group of incredibly talented contributors.

Here are your fabulous photographers...

Laura Fiddaman

Laura is an equine, canine & rural brand photographer based in Suffolk. With over 25 years experience around horses, and a love of all things country, she thrives on capturing beautiful day to day moments between horse, hound and human. Laura is very laid back, and goes the extra mile to ensure her shoots are relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved. 


Beth Hicks

Beth is an equestrian and country portrait and commercial photographer based in Cambridgeshire, UK. She has five years of experience, working within this industry and particularly loves photographing dressage and cross country, as well as innovative product based equestrian and country businesses. For Beth, photography is all about capturing the tiny details that are otherwise missed and she aims to capture this within each of her shoots.


Jessie Lee

Jessie is an equine and dog event and portrait photographer based in Glossop, Derbyshire.  Her aim is to capture the special bond between owner and four-legged friend and she often works to capture candid, informal shots as well as the classic portrait style. Jessie has been horse mad all her life, having grown up around horses and competing. She is also Labrador obsessed and her own Nellie is often used as a model!


Photo 21-03-2020, 12 00 38.jpg
Imogen Moon

Imogen is an equine & dog photographer from Derbyshire, transforming their personality into fun, vibrant and vivid photographs.

She loves being outdoors in the countryside and meeting all the different fury personalities

that come her way. 

She is inspired by colour and fun, so her photos are a reflection of that.

She has ridden horses all her life, and has a crazy Jack Russell Terrier called Charlie who is the

apple of her eye.


Lucy Gilchrist

Lucy grew up surrounded by ponies, dogs, rare breed chickens and sheep in Cheshire. She has a keen eye for detail and enjoys capturing the wonders of country life along with photographing at equestrian competitions, which she fits in around her academic studies. Being a rider helps her to plan her shot in order to get the best photograph whether for portraits or at competitions. 


Elizabeth Ebsworth

A photographer specialising in equine, canine and commercial, based in Essex. A passionate photographer with a real love for animals and country life! Elizabeth has over 15 years experience in photography. She loves to create beautiful images which incorporate, light, colour and texture and has a keen interest in fine art. She is married, a Mum to Dan and Phi and owner of Ed, the black Lab. 


Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.50.25.png
Abbi Grief

Abbi is an equine and pet photographer based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk & her journey began in 2018. She has always had a real love for animals since a young age, ridden from the age of 8 years old & she loves capturing those special bonds between horse, dog and human. She is a creative person with an eye for creating something unique, with a lot of her work recently incorporating large dresses and smoke, to bring an extra element of beauty & mystery. She is a down to earth individual who thrives on capturing that one moment, before it becomes just a memory. She is also a fan of big landscape backdrops, big skies and stormy clouds.


Emma Laws

Emma runs Fuzzy Sheep Photography and is an equine, canine, farm animal and rural brand photographer; based in Somerset with her three ponies, five pet sheep and dog. Emma loves living in the countryside and capturing moments within it with her camera.


Kirsty6 copy.jpg
Kirsty Blackwell

Kirsty is an equine photographer and videographer based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. She has been around horses all her life and she started photographing horses when she was studying at uni 4 years ago and decided to combine her passion for horses and photography.  She particularly loves capturing equine portraits because she gets to work closely with horse and rider partnerships, creating stunning memories and gets such a thrill from the reactions.  You may also find her 28 year old cob Chico features quite a lot, as she can't stop taking photos of him!


Tess Cadman

Originally from Dorset, Tess now lives on an arable farm in Cambridgeshire and specialises in equine, canine and family photography as well as field sports.

She loves to capture natural, informal images which show that special bond between people, their loved ones and their pets. She works in a relaxed, unobtrusive manner to capture images the subject is completely unaware she has even taken. She is most at home out in the countryside, walking her black lab Poppy and spending her winters knee deep in mud, following either hounds or guns!