The Small Business Stock Library

Working closely with so many small businesses, I have noticed that many entrepreneurs struggle to create enough content to sustain a consistent social media presence, or to fill their website and marketing literature with beautiful images.

With over ten years of experience as a photographer,

I had THOUSANDS of images gathering dust on hard-drives.

And I've finally decided to put them to good use.

A wide selection of images to help you grow your business and build a beautiful brand.

By purchasing any of the images in this library, you agree to the licensing agreement below. Please read before buying.


Agreement to License an Image

Effective as of the date of purchase

The Photographer (Hereinafter referred to as "the photographer”)

The Buyer (or the company or individual on whose behalf you are licensing images)

(Hereinafter referred to as "the buyer”)


All photographs appearing in this library (Hereinafter referred to as "the content”) are the property of the photographer.

They are protected by UK Copyright Laws.



The photographer grants the buyer the non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable use of the content, with no expiry date, for the purpose of commercial usage.


Such as; Websites; Blog posts; Social media; Advertisements; Marketing campaigns; Corporate presentations; Printed media, magazines, product packaging where print usage rights have been purchased.

Permissions for use in projects outside of the above guidelines can be discussed when required.


'Use' means to copy, reproduce, modify, edit, display, broadcast, publish or otherwise make use of.



No Unlawful Use - Not to be used in pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner.

No Standalone File Use - You are not permitted to use this content in any way that allows others to download, strict or redistribute the content as a standalone file, separate from the project or end use.

No Use in Trademark or Logo - You may not use this content as part of a trademark, trade name, business name or logo.

Sensitive Use Disclaimer Required - You are not permitted to use this content in connection with a subject that would be unflattering or unduly controversial to the featured models or property (for example, disease or mistreatment).

No False Representation of Authorship - You may not falsely represent that you are the original creator of this content.

No Products for Resale - You are not permitted to use this content in connection with any goods or services intended for resale or distribution where the primary value lies in the content itself. Such as cards, stationary items, paper products, calendars, apparel, posters (and other printed media of this nature) DVDs, mugs, postcards, and other items of this nature.

No Electronic Templates - You are not permitted to use the content in electronic or digital templates intended for resale or distribution, such as website templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, brochure design templates.


The photographer retains all copyrights attached to the content, as well as any other rights which may not be detailed in this agreement.


Credit/Acknowledgement of the photographer's name is not compulsory. Tagging on social media is always appreciated, but not compulsory.


Selling and/or redistribution of the content is forbidden.


The buyer is allowed to crop and/or electronically alter the content to suit their purposes for the usage stated above.


No refunds are offered for downloaded files.



The buyer indemnifies and holds harmless the photographer against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses stemming from a breach of this agreement, the use of the content, your failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of the content, or any claim by a third party related to the use of the content.


Warranty and Liability:

The content is provided "as is" with no warranty regarding the suitability of the image for any purpose. The photographer is not liable to the client or any person or entity for damages, costs or losses stemming from any usage of the content.