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The Social Media
Planner Society

Content planning made soooo easy!

I understand that social media is a huge challenge for many small business owners.


We know we need to show up consistently,

we know our target audience hang out online,

but we don’t always have the time or know how, to create brand new,

enagaging, innovative content every. single. day.


I get it. It can feel totally overwhelming!

Is this sounding familiar?

I’ve spent some time solving that problem and doing all of the hard work for you!

All you need to do is tailor it to suit your own business.

And I’ll even teach you to do that in just five minutes each day.

The SMP Society includes...

  • 365 days of inspirational content prompts

  • National awareness days for the entire year

  • Monthly accountability emails

  • My method for planning one week of content in just one hour

  • Access to the free members only Facebook group

  • Optional monthly challenges in the group, to help you improve your content

  • Feedback on your content & social media profiles

  • Unlimited image downloads from my stock library, with more photos added every month!

You will learn...

  • How to plan a whole week’s social media in one hour

  • How to ensure your content remains on brand

  • How to make sure you are never stuck for what to post

A whole year’s worth of content prompts;

Up to four possible content ideas for every day of the year.

Plus my tried & tested method for planning a whole week’s worth of content in one hour!

...AND MORE...

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"Take this as your sign!"

"I really can’t recommend this enough. This is the third year I’ve purchased.

Not only do you improve it every year (didn’t think it was possible to improve it!) it helps me so, so much

and the January challenge is a huge perk creating amazing connections.


If you’re on the fence about it, take this as your sign to grab it!"


3 monthly payments

of £30.00

2 monthly payments

of £42.50





12 monthly

payments of £9

1 payment