The Social Media Planner

The ultimate content toolkit to help women running British businesses to achieve success on social media, without ever feeling overwhelmed about what to post again.

Take the stress out of social media for good!

Showing up consistently on social media has completely changed my business and life. Here's how the Social Media Planner can help you do the same...


The Social Media Planner

Because you didn't start a business you are passionate about, to spend your days becoming a full-time content creator! Right?

How are you supposed to know what kind of content your audience wants to see from you? What connects? What converts? And what get crickets?!​

You want people to enjoy your posts. You want to have a positive impact, add value and build genuine relationships with your followers.

I've seen small business owners posting sales post after sales post and selling nothing. I've also seen businesses wonder why they aren't making sales, but they haven't shown up online since July 2009!​

If you're like most entrepreneurs I speak to, chances are you feel like...​

Creating content on a consistent basis is an impossible task.

Even if you did have the time, you'd have no idea WHAT to post.

And when you make the effort to show up, nobody even responds.

So why not let the Social Media Planner do the heavy lifting for you, so you can spend the time doing what you're great at?!


Here's the thing...

All successful businesses and marketers KNOW that social media presence is ESSENTIAL to success!​

That's why you need to master showing up online consistently in a way that best serves your audience.​

When it's done right, social media is the most effective growth hack EVER!​

Social media gives you a chance to connect with your audience and provide value over and above what you sell. It positions you top-of-mind when your ideal customer is ready to buy and it allows you to create a community and a narrative around your brand. Creating lasting, meaningful relationships with your followers.

(Not to mention the opportunities it opens up that you haven't even dared to dream of yet!)

​And consistency and quality content are key!​

The SMP will provide the tools you need to achieve both.​

Your audience are waiting for you to show up, share your message and provide them with the opportunity to work with you!

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How It All Works

Your subscription includes...

Content Prompts

There are carefully curated content prompts for every day of the year, hand picked to encourage engagement, build your brand narrative, effectively share your message and make more sales!

As well as National Awareness days for you to use as inspiration.

Caption Templates

Every month you receive a minimum of 10 brand new, completely customisable content prompts, that you can tailor to suit your brand voice.

Planning Method

You'll receive access to my planning methods and my Content Foundation Formula, that allows you to set up a strategy that makes content planning a breeze every single week. Once you have this framework in place, consistency just isn't an issue anymore!

Marketing Training

A new Marketing Hacks Bundle every single fortnight, to help you learn how to implement the best strategies for your business and reach your target audience more effectively.

Focus topics include identifying your ideal customer, improving your mindset, selling in your DMs, creating an effective lead magnet, optimising your bio to attract new followers and so much more!

So every two weeks, you can grow your business and improve your marketing that little bit more.

The perceived value of your offer is only ever as good as the images you're using to represent it!

Elevate your visual brand identity with images that do it justice...

Stock Images

Do you ever feel like most marketing resources are created with American brands in mind?

When I was building my own business, I noticed a distinct lack of resources specifically created with British businesses in mind. And so I decided to focus my efforts on changing this.

When you look inside a generic stock image gallery, you can tell a million miles off which images were taken in the UK and which weren't.

(Spoiler alert: Very few of them!)

The greenery is different, the food is different, the cars are different, the buildings are different, the roads and the road signs are different, the fashion is different, the plants and flowers are different!

And the British representation is severely lacking in most of them.

I've packed the Social Media Planner stock library with beautiful photographs of the quintessentially British countryside, of English flowers, coasts, people, food and places...

I regularly update the gallery with images that fit British brands, make your content look professionally designed and catch your audience's eye.

live events

Group Coaching

Grab a cuppa and sit down with me once a month for a live group coaching session.

Get all your burning questions answered, get feedback on your recent work and dive deeper into the focus topics for the month.


You'll get an invitation to the online SMP group, where you can meet likeminded, British female entrepreneurs.
Become part of a community of goal setting, high achieving, big dreaming women, working towards a similar aim: to build a business and life they love!

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