Oh, hi fellow brand builder!

I believe in building a business I love to run.

And I'm passionate about helping you do the same.

Through a variety of online courses, free content and one-to-one mentoring, I have been holding the hands and waving the flags of rural entrepreneurs and equine photographers across the UK,

supporting them in creating heartfelt, lucrative, lifestyle businesses, with engaging personal brands,

for the past two years.

Online Courses

"This is such a great course, packed full of varied hints, tips and words of wisdom, from the queen in the biz. Whether you’ve never taken a photo on your phone before, or are a professional photographer, I guarantee you will get something out of this. I definitely did! 


This course isn’t something that you’d look at once and be done with, either. It’s a constant, that you’ll be able to go back to whenever you need a boost.


I can’t wait for my next shoot with Sophie, they do so well on my social media and my website!"

"Words of wisdom, from the Queen in the biz"

Free Learning?


Try these...

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So You Want To Be An Equine Photographer?

Why You Should Be Building a Personal Brand


One-to-One Mentoring


With over twelve years of experience in building a business and over eight years specialising in

the equine photography niche, I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs put together with solid marketing strategies, improve their confidence in their own ability and identify gaps that can be filled,

within their own businesses.

Your Session​

Mentoring sessions take place via online video call and are scheduled to last one hour (but often last longer,

because we get too busy chatting - bring tea and snacks!) and can cover a wide range of topics...

Potential topics of discussion might include...

...social media, blogging, attracting your ideal client,

planning for the upcoming season, marketing in your local area, collaborating with brands,

goal setting, perfecting your customer experience, mindset work...

...and so much more.


Initial Call - £100

Each call thereafter - £75

A one-hour video call, to chat about your business and work through your individual pain points.

Ongoing support and guidance over email and Facebook messenger, whenever you need it.

Sessions that teach you build your brand and business, and market your products and/or services, attracting your ideal client.

Goal setting & mindset work.

As many or as few sessions as you feel you need.

Book monthly, or simply schedule a call when you have something in particular you are struggling with or planning for.

Get in touch to book a space...

Thanks! I'll be in touch asap.

"My confidence has soared!"

"I can not express how impressed I am after having a one-to-one session with Sophie. It was so uplifting speaking to someone in the same industry as me. Sophie was able to give me clarity on what I needed to do, in order to move forward in the future and all of a sudden my confidence has soared!


I now have clients on my waiting list and am getting more interest than ever.


The one-to-one session itself was extremely laid back and relaxed; I felt like I was talking to someone who I had known for years. Sophie fills people with confidence with her positive outlook and I can’t wait for my next session."

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