The 2021 Social Media Planner

£50 (Limited Early Bird Offer)

Never struggle for social media content again.


Planning made easy. A whole year's worth of content prompts; Up to four possible content ideas for every day of 2021.


Plus my tried & tested method for planning

a whole week's worth of content in one hour!


In this e-course you will learn:

  • How to plan a whole week's social media in one hour

  • How to ensure your content remains on brand

  • How to make sure you are never stuck for what to post


Included In The Course

  • National holidays (eg. National Chocolate Day, National Dog Day, International Women's Day, etc.)

  • Key dates in the country and equestrian calendar

  • Daily content prompts

  • Weekly hashtags

  • My method for planning my entire week of social media content, in ONE HOUR

  • + BONUS content straight to your inbox

If you’re regularly opening your Instagram or Facebook apps and staring at a blinking curser, wondering what to say, or scrolling through your photos wondering which one to post, this planner was built for you!

The prompts are designed to help you build your personal brand and tell your brand story online, engaging your ideal target audience and growing your following, with consistent, quality content.

It’ll also show you just how much content you have at your finger tips, without even realising it!

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