The Equine Photographer's Email Template Bundle

My business journey began in equine photography. And it suddenly occurred to me that whilst I'm no longer photographing horses, I'm sitting on an entire vault of valuable resources for

those who are!

Simplifying your business and adding a game changing workflow that you can apply to each and every client is the most efficient way of...

a) ensuring every individual client has the very best experience with you &

b) making your life one million times easier!

It took me nine years to develop a workflow that was this streamlined and efficient.

And now it's going to take you a matter of minutes to plug it straight into your business!

What's included?

  • A FREE peak at my client communication workflow. No obligation to buy!

  • 14 of my most used email templates


+ PLUS - 6 BONUS templates

Including survey questions, pitches for work and alternative email replies

Get all of this for your business today for

JUST £50

by clicking the link below.