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The Content
Marketing Club





Teaching small British businesses to attract their dream customers with an improved mindset and

stress-free, supported, achievable strategies, that anyone can implement, in just five weeks!




Content & mindset are the two most critical elements of any business success.

But they overwhelm so many small business owners.

Creating regular content can feel stressful, never-ending and fruitless, if you're not hitting the mark. Confidence, imposter syndrome, comparisonitis and limiting beliefs can all get in the way. But when these two things sussed, in tandem, they will completely transform your business.

The Content Marketing Club is a five week course that will talk you, step by step, through how to identify your true dream client, connect and communicate with them in a way that will leave them wanting more and, ultimately, turn them into ecstatic, paying customers AND improving your own confidence and self-worth.

All of this using a stress-free strategy and content that you already have at your finger tips!

No matter what business you're in, I'd love you to join us!

What's included...​

  • Five weeks of comprehensive course content, delivered straight to your inbox every Monday

  • A digital workbook to help you tailor everything you've learnt specifically to your business

  • Weekly live group Zoom sessions, to answer your questions about that week's lessons

  • Lifetime access to our private, invite-only Facebook group where we will discuss each module as we go through, share homework and new content and offer helping hands

  • Lifetime access to all course content

  • The opportunity to join future classes and work through this course as many times as you wish to

FREE Bonus...

5 FREE STOCK IMAGES from the Equine & Country Stock Gallery

"I was genuinely considering giving up..."

"Oh my goodness how on earth do I thank you for your fabulous course?

At the beginning I was genuinely considering giving up the business. But in the past week I’ve launched a new product and today

alone I’ve had 7 newsletter sign ups for new season products which won’t even be ready until mid October!

I posted in a local Facebook group and I’ve had nothing but praise.

Thank you for reigniting my spark for my business. I honestly can’t believe so many people want to support it!

And you were of course right as you told me that people would!"

Lucie Trapp


What you'll learn...​

  • How to identify your dream customer and why that really matters

  • How your mindset is affecting your business and how to change the game

  • The type of content your ideal client really wants to see from you

  • How to identify your brand narrative and communicate it effectively

  • Why storytelling matters

  • How to set a stress-free core content creation strategy

  • How to set achievable goals

  • How to identify a limitless list of content opportunity

  • How to get that content in front of the right people

  • How to use social media to grow your audience and truly connect with potential customers

  • What algorithms mean for your business

  • All about influencer marketing, ads, sponsored posts and more

  • How to build a successful email list

  • How to create beautiful imagery for your content

"A great insight into modern marketing methods"

"I love this course. Perfect for both those new to content marketing, and those more experienced alike.


With a fresh perspective, reminders and strategies to creating valuable content to support your business and your brand. The course flows seamlessly and is broken down into the ideal bite sized pieces - with homework tasks to guide you through the process.


A great insight into modern marketing methods."


Here's what is inside The Content Marketing Club

Week One

The Foundations Of Marketing & Mindset


- Your Business Is Only Ever As Good As Your Mindset

- Your Heroes Journey

- Identifying Your Ideal Customer

- Why Building A Brand Is More Than You First Thought

- Create Your Beautiful Brand

- BONUS CHAPTER: If You're Starting A Business From The Very Beginning...

Week Two

Creating Core Content That Connects


- The Importance Of A Consistent Schedule

- Setting Goals & Creating Healthy Habits

- Why Blogging Is Still So 2023

- How To Create Content That Actually Matters To People

- Telling Your Story

- Content That Converts

- How To Format Your Content For Success

- After You've Clicked 'Publish'?

Week Three

Using Social Media For Your Business


- Creating A Strategy That Works For You

- Finding the Right Social Media Combination

- Why Marketing Is Personal

- Understanding Algorithms

- The Secret To Great Captions & Copy

- How To Use Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Youtube/

TikTok For Your Business

- Why Hashtags Are Important & How To Use Them

- Paying To Play On Social Media

- All About Collaborating, Influencer Marketing, 'Ads' & Giveaways

Week Four

Building A Profitable Email List


- The Reason Email Lists Are Fundamental To The Success Of Your Business

- The Secret To Getting Sign Ups

- How To Use Your Email List For Success, Going Forward

Week Five

Creating Better Imagery For Your Business


- The Beginners Guide To Taking Beautiful Photographs

- My Top Smartphone Camera Tips

- Why 'Good Light' Is SO Important & How You Can Spot It Too

- Getting The Hang Of Good Composition

- How To Create A Consistent Aesthetic By Editing Your Images

- How User Generated Content (UGC) Can Benefit Your Business

- When & How To Use Memes & Graphics

- Incorporating Stock Images Into Your Content

- How To Build & Store Your Brand's Bespoke Image Library

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course"


"This course has been absolutely fantastic!

As I am setting up a brand new business I have found Sophie's guidance and hand holding to be invaluable.

Taking the course a chapter at a time has given me real clarity on exactly what I want my business to be and the lessons have shown me exactly how to market it to get there. I am getting ready for a second run through now I am further along in the process!

I have just created a website and I love it! I am a complete technophobe but this has encouraged me to take the plunge and have a go! It has turned out way better than I ever could have expected! I also have an email list... Hurrah!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about content marketing, it is excellent value for money and chocka block full with information, a community of like minded individuals and Sophie's one to one help if you need it.


I am very grateful it exists!"

Nicola Foleher
Artist & Illustrator


3 monthly payments

of £30.00

2 monthly payments

of £42.50




2 monthly

payments of £139

1 payment

Oh my goodness how on earth do I thank you for your fabulous course. At the beginning I wa
Oh my goodness how on earth do I thank you for your fabulous course. At the beginning I wa
Oh my goodness how on earth do I thank you for your fabulous course. At the beginning I wa
Oh my goodness how on earth do I thank you for your fabulous course. At the beginning I wa
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