Hi! Hello! I'm Sophie Callahan

Who am I?

I'm a wife, a mum and an Essex girl, who grew up working for rides and cycling to the yard in all weathers!

I drink a lot of tea, eat too far much chocolate and my husband would tell you I spend too long Instagram.

I love binging true crime documentaries, and

home renovation programmes.

How I became an equine photographer...

In 2009, whilst studying for an Equine Studies & Stud Management degree at Writtle College, I set up an event photography company to make some pocket money.

When my Dad asked me what I wanted to do with my life, while we were sat on a beach in Mexico, I said 'I'm enjoying the photography, I think I'd like to give that a go.'

So he and I went into business together and built an event photography business, which had 15 franchisees

across the UK.

In 2012, bored of photographing football tournaments and black tie balls, I found an equine portrait photographer on Facebook and longed to be her.

I told my Dad I was going to do equine photoshoots in my spare time. To which he replied 'I can't imagine anybody wanting to spend money on that, Sophie.'

A year later, I was so busy that we sold the events business and I went full time with equine photography.

And that's how I ended up here...


I live in the North Essex countryside, with my husband, our Spaniel, Barney and our one year-old daughter, Mollie.

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My life with horses

I have ridden and had horses since I was three years old. 

My parents aren't at all horsey (although, every Christmas, my dad tells me he could win the Puissance, at Olympia, with his eyes closed. Because, you just sit and hold on tight, right?) so I was the kid that begged, borrowed and stole rides, until I could persuade them to buy a pony of my own.

I've been horseless for about eight years *sob* whilst saving for houses, getting married and becoming a Mum. But one day I will get my own again. And it will most probably be coloured and hairy, with a leg on each corner.

My Job As Your Equine Photographer... 

I consider myself incredibly lucky, to have what I think is the best job in the world!

This all began by taking my two passions and combining them, allowing me to do something I am truly excited about doing, every single day.


Our memories; of moments, of feelings, of emotions; are the most precious thing we could ever own...

And they are so personal to each of us. And it's my job to literally parcel up my clients' memories and hand them

to them, in a tangible form; in a gift box, on a canvas or in a frame.

I feel so honoured to be trusted with this responsibility!

I photograph horses specifically, because I'm passionate about the animals themselves, the impact they have on

our lives, and about creating something beautiful from this.


I believe this special partnership thoroughly deserves to be captured in a way that can be kept forever.


I love the British countryside...

I love soft, dreamy evening light...

and I love seeing how besotted my clients are with their horses.

Every horse deserves that kind of love.

More than Photography

At some point, though, this business became more than simply taking photos. Although 'I'm a photographer' will always be my answer to the 'What do you do?' question at parties!

I now wear many hats. I'm a lifestyle blogger, an educator and a mentor, too.

That started off as a blog post here and there, documenting the things I'd learned... in the hopes that I could help new photographers avoid the mistakes I had learned along the way. Because I just wished there had been something like that around when I was starting out.

And from there, it grew. I found a passion for helping others realise their dream. I discovered an obsession for marketing and social media. And I wanted to share it all!

So now I do. I hold hands, I cheerlead, I teach, I support... and I love it!

Go to www.sophiecallahanbusiness.com to find out more...