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Once upon a time...

...a young girl started a business, photographing horses.


She fell in love with being self employed and she wished that everybody could experience getting

up to do a job that they loved every day. So she decided to show them how to

build the business of their dreams.


And they all lived happily ever after.

The end!

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Hi, I'm Sophie.

  • Spaniel and girl mum

  • Country bumpkin

  • Self-confessed terrible housewife

  • Perpetual problem fixer

  • Lifelong pony lover

In a nutshell, I am a photographer and content marketing strategist for your

small business.

Through one-to-one coaching, online courses and bags of free weekly content, I help small and rural businesses plan and execute their online marketing, so they can attract their dream client.


I have been running my own business for 13 years and I couldn't imagine a life without self employment.


(1. I'm awful at following rules

2. I just love mid-week brunch dates too much to give them up for any employer!)

My Career Timeline

My career began as an event photographer, in 2009.

I specialised in equine photography in 2012 and am proud to have been called one of the UK's leading equine photographers.

Along the way, I expanded my business to include commercial & brand photography, blogging, content creation for some huge names in the industry and now, education.

It was through my commercial work that I realised how few businesses have a solid content marketing plan in place. I was creating images for beautiful businesses who then didn't know what to do with them.

And I knew I could help them!


From the very beginning,

I have built my business using a

strong, consistent content marketing strategy.


And I've been teaching photographers to do the same for the past few years.


Yet, through offering commercial photography to such an exciting variety of small British businesses, and helping them to get the very most from their images, I realised just how versatile my methods are.


They can easily be applied to almost

any business!


I use a simple and effective framework that can be implemented by virtually any small business, to attract and engage your target audience and convert followers into loyal, paying,

dream customers...

I truly believe in honing your craft and earning your stripes before committing to teaching others how to do the same, so you can rest assured that I've built solid foundations for my career in education and can speak confidently from experience, when it comes to the trials and tribulations of running my own business.

I don't claim to know everything. But I do claim to be a great cheerleader, a willing supporter and a new best friend who will share all her secrets with you.


Because goodness knows, sometimes, when you're working alone, you could really just do with a friend.

As you read this, it's very likely I'll be doing one of three things...

1. Creating images for a heartfelt small business, either on location or from my home.

2. I'll be in my office creating courses & content to help you build your brand.

3. Or I'll be chasing my 2 little girls around, bribing them with snacks and trying to figure out this parenting life!

That's pretty much my typical, glamorous, work/mumlife schedule, these days.

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